... Up in the Sky ( 上空にて , Jōkū nite) Chapter 238. Moments after the panicked Shandia evacuated, the entire village was destroyed by a thunderbolt - save for the statue, which mysteriously survived intact. He found it on a cloud and planned to bring it with him to Fairy Vearth, and he then created an even larger Raigo to bring down annihilation on all of Skypiea. Half of Jaya Island was blasted up to Skypiea by a knock up stream 400 years ago. English Name: Affiliations: Skypieans and Shandia now live together in peace in Upper Yard. [36] Enel berated Nami for her choice, wondering if she was counting on the impending arrival of Sanji and Usopp. Monkey D. Luffy is the protagonist in One Piece and captain of the increasingly infamous and powerful Straw Hat Pirates. [45] Enel then fell with the Bell and the Maxim into the sea clouds. Those events reconcile Shandia and Skypieans, and thus the 400 Years War ends. As a God of Skypiea, Enel had full control of the island. However, before meeting Luffy, he was unaware of the existence of rubber. Angel Island (エンジェル島, Enjeru Tō? Enel wields a golden staff and is adept at using it, dealing powerful strikes to his opponents with it. This name generator will generate 10 random names for floating islands, but the names could work for floating cities and other large places in the sky as well, as long as you replace the 'isle' and similar synonyms in the name of course. Wyper urged his fellow warriors to fight more vigorously, even if it meant leaving fallen comrades behind. He has blond hair (platinum blond in the anime, a slightly darker shade in the manga)[1] that is set in a large perm,[10] albeit always tucked under a close-fitting, white skullcap. Zoro would later comment about his strength being monstrous. Toshiyuki Morikawa Lovely Street (ラブリー通り, RaburÄ« Dōri? Skypieans[citation needed] are the people who come from Skypiea and live on Angel Island and other islands in the sky. The man who was originally part of Enel's Enforcers told them about Enel's plan to destroy all of Skypiea. However, once they get there, they become embroiled in a massive war that may result in the destruction of Skypiea. J. Michael Tatum He changed it into a trident with his metal-molding powers in order to spear the young pirate, as well as using the electricity to superheat the weapon in order to increase the damage inflicted. As she watched her home being slowly destroyed by Enel's powers, she wondered if there really is a God. [39] As destruction reigned, Enel made sure to destroy the God's Shrine before heading off to the Golden Bell. RELATED:One Piece: Franky's 5 Most Triumphant Victories (& His 5 Most Humiliating Defeats) The arc perfectly encapsulates what One Piece is about as Luffy and his crew go on an adventure in the sky, discover the City of Gold, known as Shandora. Visitors must pay 1,000,000,000 Extol per person to enter. After that, he shot lightning up Giant Jack to destroy the Upper Ruins, sending them and the fighters there crashing down below for the final act of his game.[28]. By Amanomoon Watch. Having ridden the Knock Up Stream, the Straw Hats find themselves in a sea of clouds (which, as they find out, has the same effect as normal water on a Devil Fruit user), but before they have a chance to relax, they are quickly attacked by a strange man in a mask who is riding on the clouds. Birthday: He also used it extensively against the rubber-bodied Luffy, when all electrical based attacks failed. Like Gan Fall's home, the Shandia village was generally undetectable to Enel's mantra. )[2] [35], Enel struggled to get up, but the Ark Maxim continued rising into the air, and he said there was nothing Luffy could do to stop it. [30] Wyper mounted another charge, but Enel destroyed his Seastone-laden Shooter with his staff before hitting him with a bird-shaped blast of lightning. Six years ago, Enel came to Skypiea with his men, after destroying his homeland Birka. I think the same can be said for some of the Sky Island characters and what a lot of the focus is on at certain points. Such are extremely baggy, ballooning ones gathered quite a bit below the knees with separate, brown, short cuffs each holding a small, gold-buckled strap of light blue. His eyebrows, contrastively, are black, rather thick, and to… However, the drawings also appear to depict a group of people working together towards one goal. However, it was finally discovered when Enel began his Deathpiea campaign, as the Ark Maxim allowed both him and his mantra to gain unprecedented heights. After five minutes passed, Enel went on the attack, and Kamakiri tried running away to warn his leader Wyper. With this noted at some point the Shandorians, Skypieans and Birkans may have even been one and the same race (more believable since the Skypieans and Shandia wings are almost identical). It is surrounded by much flora, including an oversized tree and a vegetable garden to raise his beloved pumpkins in. Enel seemed to possess little to no care for them, while they seemed to genuinely respect their leader and his power. One Piece Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. As Conis and her father continued guiding the Going Merry through Upper Yard, the two were alerted by Su who had spotted an injured Skypiean. Enel appeared on top of their ship and the space pirates quickly reacted by trying to attack him. They greet each other by saying 'Heso' (which is Japanese for bellybutton) often while putting their hand against their head and sticking two fingers up. How to unlock the I Wanna Go to the Sky Islands achievement in ONE PIECE World Seeker: Reach a Sky Island for the first time. [19], Soon afterwards, Enel observed that Shura had been defeated, but the downfall of two of his priests in rapid succession only made him laugh. One Piece: Episode of Sorajima, One Piece: Episode von Sky Island, One Piece: of Skypeia, one piece episode of skypiea, One Piece - Episode of Skypia Genres. Zoro charged at Enel again, and Enel dodged his swords before grabbing them, allowing him to channel lightning through them and electrocute Zoro. The Pumpkin Cafe (パンプキンカフェ, Panpukin Kafe?) Enel is a pale-skinned man with a well-toned yet somewhat wiry build,[1] standing very tall at 266 cm (8'9"). As a result of his extensive studying of Upper Yard's ruins, Enel also has a deep understanding of the history behind the origins and politics behind the 400 year old conflict and is fully willing to utilize said knowledge and information for personal goals. People do not fear God. Below the areas are listed in the order they would normally be encountered. Debut: He then went off to join the fighting. [11], Wagomuland is a new amusement park that has opened up on Skypiea during the two years the Straw Hats were away. Its power is said to be invincible.[6]. They believed that by remaining on the island and trying to prevent anyone from God's anger, they could protect the citizens. When everyone was evacuating Angel Island, she attempted to take images of them all, not realizing that Angel Island was about to be destroyed. Most of the people from the Blue Sea believe that Skypiea is merely a myth. action adventure comedy animation. He noticed Aisa and Pierre move to save Luffy, and attacked the three of them with a thunderbolt. S[5] His lifestyle is relaxed and hedonistic, and when not attending to his "godly duties" of smiting the natives of Skypiea for speaking against him, he spends his time sleeping or eating in his residence, being waited on hand and foot by beautiful women. Due to the fickleness of translating katakana, his name was variously romanized as Eneru, Ener, and Enel by early fan translations (the former two often done in the belief that his name was meant as a pun on the Japanese pronunciation of "energy"). The road has many shops, and is a sort of Skypiean main street. (usually referred to as the " Skypiea Saga ") is the third saga in the anime and manga series, One Piece. [38], Enel went into the engine room, and powered up the backup engines to keep the Maxim afloat. [56] He went to their location and began "punishing" them. The Skypieans are mostly a non-aggressive race who live peacefully on the Sky Islands. God's Army[1] (former); Automata is a new restaurant that opened in Skypiea during the two year timeskip. Rumble-Rumble Fruit However, it would not be long before all three left - Gan Fall to answer a distress call from Tony Tony Chopper, and Conis and Pagaya in a general resolution to help the Straw Hats escape Skypiea.[7][8]. The 400 year war on Sky Island comes to an end. With these, Enel established a new empire on the moon with the automata as his followers.[9]. Usopp then arrived and unleashed an attack,[37] which had no effect. [46], Enel soon managed to regain consciousness and start the Ark Maxim back up, and he declared that he could never be defeated, but his sights were now set on going to the Fairy Vearth.[47]. However, their captain Monkey D. Luffy, proved to be completely immune to his electrical powers because of his rubber body, which made him a natural enemy. [53] The pirate then tried to impale Enel only to be kicked down by him. If you've just set sail with the Straw Hat Pirates, be wary of spoilers on this subreddit! The daily life of sky people revolves around the use of Dials, which normally are not available in the Blue Sea. [3], Angel Beach (エンジェルビーチ, Enjeru BÄ«chi?) エネル 1 Comment. Though his men did not survive the trip, he retrieved a pillar of gold and managed to return to the surface, where he presented the pillar to Doflamingo. [40] He reached the top of Giant Jack when he spotted Luffy below him, and he tried to stop Luffy by breaking the stalk with lightning. Noticing Robin's surprise, he became annoyed at her attempt to deceive him and electrocuted her. [41], Luffy tried to pull himself onto the Maxim, but Enel kicked his hand away before going to the Bell. After Enel took over, all the citizens of Skypiea lived in constant fear of him. Enel appears to possess a vast knowledge of mechanics and technology. Though the power allows the user to predict most attacks, it can be circumvented by various means. [31] He explained to her his ability to oversee everything in Skypiea, but then noticed Luffy's aura outside. Nevertheless, he also gives some recognition. Usopp then took a stand against Enel to distract him, and Enel beat him with his staff as Nami got to her Waver. Summary: Unknown to all Nations there is a hidden land in the sky that only Uzushiogakure was privy to. They wear more simple civilian looking attire then the Shandia and Birkans. The White Berets were all originally members of the Enforcers in service to Gan Fall. When the Birkans came along, they witnessed their caste system being abused by these newcomers and many of the Skypieans suffered under Enel's leadership because of his power. Annoyed that his prediction ended up being wrong, he and Luffy soon found themselves face to face. [32] Enel prepared to show Luffy the power of a God, and when Luffy pulled himself onto the Maxim, Enel unleashed blasts of lightning at him. Its mascot and reason for existing is a crudely carved statue of Usopp, who first introduced rubber bands to the Skypiean people upon his visit there.[12]. Alive Montblanc Cricket and the Masira Brothers hear the Golden Bell ringing and realize that the Gold City was always in the sky. Very distinctly, Enel's earlobes stretch all the way to his chest (or well below as per inconsistent portrayal, though generally longer in the manga), being weighted down by gold earrings with diamond-shaped pendants (in the manga holding fitted, red gems in the middle). This gave birth to the citizens' sense of crime and they became feeble and weak. Anyone would become criminal themselves if they helped a criminal. One Piece Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. Enel then took the position of God of Skypiea for himself. Twenty-two to twenty-six years ago, the Roger Pirates visited Skypiea and met Gan Fall. [24] Enel then encountered another Shandian warrior who attempted to attack him, but he quickly appeared behind the warrior and incapacitated him. The daily life of sky people revolves around the use of Dials, which normally are not available in the Blue Sea. The sixth season of the One Piece anime series, split into two "Sky Island" chapters, was produced by Toei Animation, and directed by Konosuke Uda based on Eiichiro Oda's manga by the same name. Skypiea Fear itself is God. They enforced the rules of Skypiea under Enel's rule, but in truth, they despised him, only obeying him for the sake of Skypiea's citizens. In addition, he has some awareness of the meteorological aspects of the sky. He demonstrates rather good manipulative skills, utilizing Skypiean-Shandia tension from the previous 400 years of bloodshed (only recently halted by the peace progressions from the previous God, Gan Fall) to incite chaos and war, decimating both factions in the process and leaving little competition in his expeditions into Upper Yard and his eventual discovery of the Golden Belfry. He then kicked the ball off the ship, allowing him to hit Luffy off as well. It also does not make the user any faster than normal, so the user's ability to dodge attacks is dependent on their physical speed; Enel was unable to avoid Luffy's finishing move because it was moving too fast. Enel had high expectations for the upcoming battle, and predicted that only five fighters would remain standing after three hours. Straw Hat pirates leave Skypiea after Enel`s defeat.All credit goes to Funimation Entertainment & Toei Animation JP Enel replied that he was bidding farewell to Upper Yard and mentioned the long-lost gold of Shandora, laughing at the thought that the winner of this fight would dream of reaching it. Share. Japanese VA: "God" (神(ゴッド), Goddo? His eyebrows, contrastively, are black, rather thick, and top grayish-blue eyes with prominent bottom lashes. TrueAchievements. Enel holds no regard for any life except his own, and has no moral qualms about killing thousands - instead, he sees it as his godly duty, and laughed maniacally as he tried to send Skypiea to its doom. Advertisements. [1] After having been defeated by Monkey D. Luffy and yet, nonetheless, successfully arriving on the moon, he became its new ruler.[9]. He is usually portrayed as very acrobatic, often doing back-flips with one hand, and has an above-average endurance, shrugging off most of Luffy's attacks. Upon realizing his intention to kill everyone in Skypiea, the White Berets turned against him. As he told them this, Enel decided to attack them with El Thor. In fact the only mentioning of a link to the three races past appears to be the Birkan's folklore about the Fairy Vearth. Learning that Enel has plans to destroy all of Skypiea since in his mind,Wyper and those with him fought against Enel with all of their might. However, Enel quickly caught up to him and discharged a million volts, defeating him as well as around 20 other fighters who were on the Milky Road. 6 years ago, Gan Fall wanted to return the Upper Yard to the Shandia to end the 400 Years War, but his negotiations failed to take place due to Enel taking over. Enel tries to destroy the whole Skypiea, and destroys the Angel Island, but in the end he is defeated. Eneru He can freely control the power output he unleashes, up to a maximum of 200,000,000 volts. Blood Type: After Enel took over, all the citizens of Skypiea lived in constant fear of him. Skypiea is an island located in the sky above Paradise. Conis then went to Lovely Street to warn the people about Enel's true intentions. However he could not make it. They are essentially very long saws that need at least two people to operate. He and Nami then scrambled to try and escape, and Enel pursued them with blasts of lightning. Enel was born and raised on Birka, but eight years before the current storyline, after finding and eating the Goro Goro no Mi, he destroyed his homeland and came to Skypiea with his followers. As the result, he appears fearless, childish, arrogant, and without a care in the world. Gan Fall was angered by this, and Enel revealed what he had done to the Divine Squad before incapacitating the former God with 30 million volts. The restaurant is famous for its pumpkin noodles. Enel had also stomped Zoro to the ground with his foot, and the ground shook as a result. As a great amount of Vearth it is of high value for the sky inhabitants, being called "holy land". Each pant leg is patterned in bright orange: many longish, rectangular (more so obround in the anime) shapes touching in a slanting position, forming three separate rows of which the lowest comes out the cuff; the upper and middle row each tops a single row of dots numbering fewer than the aforesaid shapes, with the rest of the pants dark-bluish (black in the manga). He was even able to design a storm cloud production system, an electrical power system, and a Jet Dial fail-safe for the ark, in the event that the main engines were damaged. Region: After finding his true roots, Enel established a new empire on the moon with the automata as his followers. As he returned to his throne, Nami decided to leave the Maxim, much to his annoyance. This is the reason that he constructed the Ark Maxim. The people who reside there have small wings on their backs, similar to the stereotypical angel which make them really unique, though no use has been revealed for them thus far. The trees and Animals on Upper Yard have grown to huge sizes, due to the decrease in the atmosphere. Sanji attempted to attack him, but Enel quickly dispatched him. With Luffy hanging on for dear life, Enel decided to condense a large portion of the thunderclouds in a move known as Raigo and bring it down on Angel Island, completely annihilating it. Amazon, the gate-keeper that resides down here with her Vision Dial-powered camera, where she collects entrance immigration fees, and immigration for those who are leaving. He revealed that he had already taken all the gold, but did not recognize the Shandorian Golden Belfry Bell that Robin mentioned. The Skypieans successfully drove off the Shandia and claimed the Upper Yard. He uselessly blasted Luffy with electricity and got kicked as a result, but he was able to reach around Luffy's back and stab him with his trident.