Da Ponte also shows, as does Molière, that Don Giovanni’s obsession with the conquest of women has so completely taken over his mind that he has lost his humanity to his addiction. Sai ch'elle per me son necessarie più del pan che mangio, più dell'aria che spiro! Oh guarda, che bella gioventù; che belle donne! The way Zingg and Pynkoski have imagined Don Giovanni’s demise is elegant but absolutely thrilling. I also respect deeply the work and labour of serious professionals. The has the striking good looks of a model (and has modelled before) and sports a powerfully expressive voice. They have the Don step into the centre of an enormous square of red cloth that dancers at each corner shimmer and raise until the Don is engulfed in “flame”. Si comporta in modo permanente come un Don Giovanni per nascondere la sua vera scarsa "conoscenza" delle donne. Nella bionda egli ha l'usanza Di lodar la gentilezza, Nella bruna la costanza, Nella bianca la dolcezza. It is sung by Don Giovanni's servant Leporello to Elvira during act 1 … Donna Elvira has, prior to the beginning of the opera, been seduced by Don Giovanni and subsequently abandoned by him. Selections from Don Giovanni by W.A. The programme even features a close-up of this designation on its cover. His attempted rape of Donna Anna is interrupted by her father, the Commendatore, and his attempted seduction of Zerlina is interrupted so many times the effect becomes comic. by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, directed by Marshall Pynkoski, Opera Atelier, Ed Mirvish Theatre, Toronto, Don Giovanni: ”Lasciar le donne! Of the donne Geraldine McGreevy’s Anna showed a high degree of skill, particularly in the vengeance aria, and Catrin Wyn-Davies as Elvira rose to the challenge of Mi tradì with the same commitment that she brought to her acting. LEPORELLO E avete core d'ingannarle poi tutte? Don Giovanni Tenorio è un libertino che passa il tempo a sedurre donne e a doversi poi scontrare con i rispettivi uomini. But Pynkoski’s insights far outweigh any such criticism. La Pizzeria Don Giovanni augura una buona festa delle donne a tutte voi ... Buona festa dell’Immacolata da tutti noi della pizzeria DON GIOVANNI. Don Giovanni Tenorio (in spagnolo Don Juan Tenorio) è un personaggio del teatro e della letteratura europea. Sai ch'elle per me son necessarie più del pan che mangio, più dell'aria che spiro!” Opera Atelier is currently reviving its production of Mozart’s Don Giovanni that it premiered in 2011. Purchè lasciam le donne. Navigazione articoli. Fischer Dieskau's Don Giovanni is beautifully sung and dramatically convincing but lacks some of the youthful sparkle of other Don Giovannis (Siepi, Ramey, Keenlyside). The revival is a further exploration by director Marshall Pynkoski that Don Giovanni is rightly regarded as an opera buffa, or comic opera, just as Mozart labelled it on his autograph score. The greatest alteration of a role is that of Scaramouche in the form of Don Giovanni. Central, of course, is the Don Giovanni of Douglas Williams, the American bass-baritone familiar from such previous OA productions the The Marriage of Figaro (2017) and Idomineo (2019). Don Giovanni v origináli Il dissoluto punito ossia il Don Giovanni (Potrestaný hriešnik alebo Don Giovanni) je opera v dvoch dejstvách, ktorú v roku 1787 v Prahe zložil Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart na objednávku. Don Giovanni là một vở opera hai màn do Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart soạn nhạc và Lorenzo da Ponte viết lời. The large orchestra is strung out in a line only three deep for the entire length of the stage and into one of the loges. www.stage-door.com © 1999‑2021 Christopher Hoile. Con il suo amico si trasferisce anche a Roma ma le donne continuano ancora a … LEPORELLO Purchè lasciam le donne. Not only does he convince us that Mozart made no mistake in his designation of the opera’s genre, but Pynkoski also frequently underscores the metatheatrical nature of the opera. Obsahuje dramatické a nadprirodzené prvky. Conductor Sascha Goetzel presides over a splendid performance from the Vienna State Opera Orchestra, delivering an abundance of intricate details… 1,854 likes. W. A. Mozart O opeře Don Giovanni – Il dissoluto punito ossia il Don Giovanni (Potrestaný prostopášník aneb Don Giovanni) je dvouaktová dramatická opera Wolfganga Amadea Mozarta, která se odehrává ve Španělsku v 17. století. Those longing to hear Tafelmusik to its best advantage will have to hear them accompany OA’s The Resurrection by Handel at the wood-lined Koerner Hall in April 2020 or hear any one their concerts in their home at the Trinity-St. Paul’s Centre. C'è qualche sposalizio? It may be that in an effort to convince us of the comedic nature of the action that Pynkoski indulges in rather too much roughhousing among characters and characters do seem to be thrown to the ground on a fairly regular basis. Ti basta l'animo di far quel ch'io ti dico? son io. Námetom pre hlavnú postavu je legendárny Don Juan.Patrí medzi desať najhranejších opier. Stephan Hegedus’ Leporello comes as a complete surprise. His Don seems no longer to act on desire but on pure reflex. These qualities only make Lindsay’s portrayal of Anna has become stronger and turns her many arias of mourning into expressions of the only unfeigned emotions in the entire opera. Cosí Fan Tutte (Auszüge/Excerpts) - Donne mie la fata a tanti: 3:00: 12: Cosí Fan Tutte (Auszüge/Excerpts) - E amore un fadroncelto: 3:57: 13: Don Giovanni (Auszüge/Excerpts) - Overture: 6:31: 14: Don Giovanni (Auszüge/Excerpts) - Ah pietá, Signori miei: 1:59: 15: Don Giovanni (Auszüge/Excerpts) - Il mio tesoro intanto: 5:11: 16 Don Giovanni has not only seduced women but has killed any man who stands in his way. One key support for Pynkoski’s insistence on Don Giovanni as an opera buffa are the remnants of commedia dell’arte still present in the libretto such as the usual two pairs of innamorati (Donna Anna and Don Ottavio, Zerlina and Masetto), the character of the old man Pantalone (the Commendatore), the braggart lover Scaramouche (Don Giovanni) and his hungry, long-suffering but wily servant Arlecchino (Leporello). Corso 11 don giovanni in sicilia 1. Chi a una sola è fedele, verso l'altre è crudele; io che in me sento si esteso Showing that Leporello disdains others as much as his master goes a long way to explaining why this servant has stayed with such a dissolute tyrant for so long. You know they are more necessary to me than the bread I eat, than the air I breathe! Čini se da će Don Giovanni morati sam uživati u svojoj posljednjoj večeri. Faust flouts rules in the metaphysical realm, Don Juan in the physical realm. As the peasant couple, Mireille Asselin is as bright, clear-voiced a Zerlina as one might expect. In Scene 2 of the opera (Scene 1 being the murder of the Commendatore), Don Giovanni and his side-kick, Leporello, spy a woman and begin to pursue her. This is the first production I have seen where the parallel between the two was so clearly marked. And at the end, Leporello does not crawl from under a table to meet the other amazed characters but rather crawls from under a drop that has fallen to separate the Don’s marvellously conceived scene of destruction from the moralistic epilogue that ends the opera. Photo: Meghan Lindsay as Donna Anna, Colin Ainsworth as Don Ottavio, Stephen Hegedus as Leporello, Olivier Laquerre as Masetto, Carla Huhtanen as Donna Elvira, Douglas Williams as Don Giovanni and Mireille Asselin as Zerlina. Williams plays the character as if his licentious lifestyle has destroyed his humanity and even destroyed his will. But the downside is that since the carpeted floor of the Ed Mirvish Theatre does not function as a sounding board as does the floor of the Elgin, the strings sound unusually dry and thin. DON GIOVANNI È tutto amore! (Early on, playwrights saw the parallel between the two figures, viz. This is Mozart's partition for the ouverture of the famous opéra. I regret I did not see this production when it was first presented in 2011 with its costumes designed by Martha Mann in gorgeous autumnal colours. His Don Giovanni is much more deeply thought-through than those of other more famous singers. The Vienna “Don Giovanni” ... E v'han donne d'ogni grado, D'ogni forma, d'ogni età. " Madamina, il catalogo è questo" (also known as the Catalogue Aria) is a bass catalogue aria from Mozart's opera Don Giovanni to an Italian libretto by Lorenzo Da Ponte, and is one of Mozart's most famous and popular arias. Though famed as a womanizer, in da Ponte’s opera Don Giovanni does not succeed in having his way with any woman he pursues. A seconda delle diverse versioni, don Giovanni, alla fine della storia, arriva a pentirsi della sua vita, passata a sedurre donne e a scontrarsi con i rispettivi mariti o amanti. It must be admitted that the orchestra simply does not not project the lushness in the Ed Mirvish Theatre that it does in the Elgin Theatre. Di lodar la gentilezza, Nella bruna la costanza, ... Lorenzo Da Ponte: Don Giovanni. 14. It is this view that elevates Don Juan’s behaviour out of the realm of simple criminality. Her portrayal of this role mines both comedy and tragedy. Don Giovanni Uomo, Ponte San Giovanni, Umbria, Italy. Lasciar le donne! Thus, like Faust, the other iconic anti-hero who first came to life in the Renaissance, Don Juan, aka Don Giovanni, lives a life that tests the limits of what is permissible to human beings. Williams sings one of the faster-ever Champagne Arias (“Fin ch’han dal vino”) and even the lovely mandolin serenade “Deh, vieni alla finestra” as if more for his own pleasure than for those these songs are addressed to. DON GIOVANNI Lasciar le donne? Sai ch'elle per me son necessarie più del pan che mangio, più dell'aria che spiro!” (“Leave women! Vuol d'inverno la grassotta, Vuol d'estate la magrotta; È la grande maestosa, La piccina è ognor vezzosa. Hegedus sings the Catalogue Aria not as a showpiece but a crucial clue to Leporello’s character. Not only are these gracefully planned and executed but Zingg has had them incorporate actual dance steps of the period. Following a successful trip to Prague in 1787, Mozart was commissioned to compose a new opera. Don Giovanni accuses Elvira of madness and leaves, but as he is going Donna Anna finally recognises her assailant and vows revenge. Film ispirati alla figura di Don Giovanni, L'ingannatore di Siviglia e il convitato di pietra, Il dissoluto punito ossia il Don Giovanni, Don Giovanni explains Don Giovanni si rivela, Don Giovanni. DON GIOVANNI Cari amici, buon giorno, Seguitate a stare allegramente, seguite a suonar, buona gente. Sai ch'elle per me son necessarie più del pan che mangio, più dell'aria che spiro!”. Now she has moved on to the more complex role of Donna Elvira. Mozart Leporello Act 1: "Madamina, il catalogo è questo" ("My dear lady, this is the catalogue") Ildebrando D’Arcelango (1999) Madamina, il catalogo e' questo My lady, this is the list Delle belle che amo' il padron mio; of the beauties that my master has loved; un catalogo egli e' che ho fatt'io; a list that I made myself; Osservate, leggete con me. Světovou premiéru měla v Praze 29. října 1787. No bizarre imposed directorial concept and no form of direction that has not seriously evaluated every gesture of the characters on stage and their motivation will ever come close to Pynkoski’s gift of bringing out the wonders that are already inherent in the opera’s libretto and music. Over time OA favourite soprano Carla Huhtanen’s voice has deepened and become even more expressive. VIT.A,LIANO BRANCATI ¡^SCrl E liOt'G Copar¿Crn ' GYLIj4NDALN0RSKI'ORI¡{GOsIo KLETT S$útsart wú Mürclwr EDIZI.ONI SC:I)LASTICHE BRUNO MONDAI)C)RI M¡l¿m EDTTIONS tsORDASPorisz SANTILLANA,Mdddd AI.MQVIST & … Alone among the thousands of women Don Giovanni has betrayed, Donna Elvira seeks to hold the reprobate to his promise of marriage. Hegedus shows that not only does Leporello enjoy thoroughly humiliating Donna Elvira with his master’s huge number of previous conquests but he takes a vicarious pleasure in his master’s dubious achievements. 'The Opera of all Operas' Don Giovanni, Mozart's most celebrated opera, was first performed 29 January 1787 at the Nostitz theatre in Prague.The libretto, inspired by the story of Don Juan, was written by Da Ponte, and popularized by Tirso de Molina, author of El Burlador de Sevilla (1630). One of many advantages of OA’s Don Giovanni over all others is that choreographer Jeannette Lajeunesse Zingg has restored all the dances usually cut from the work. Don Giovanni žuri doma pripremiti gozbu. LEPORELLO (Fra tante, per mia fè, vi sarà qualche cosa anche per me.) Il personaggio è stato poi reso celebre dall'opera lirica Il dissoluto punito ossia il Don Giovanni di Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1787) e in seguito riutilizzato da vari autori nel teatro e nella letteratura: Carlo Goldoni, Lord Byron, Aleksandr Sergeevič Puškin, José Zorrilla, José de Espronceda o ancora José Saramago e Jacinto Grau Delgado. Thus, da Ponte shows us Don Giovanni’s methods but not their ultimate success. In spite of this, Pynkoski’s vision of Don Giovanni and its near ideal realization by the entire cast is one that will spoil you forever. Sai ch'elle per me son necessarie più del pan che mangio, più dell'aria che spiro! Isprva, nema glasa ni od kipa ni od ijednog drugog progonitelja. Giovanni Bertati (10 July 1735 – December 1815) was an Italian librettist.. Bertati was born in Martellago, Italy.In 1763, he wrote his first libretto, La morte di Dimone ("The Death of Dimone"), set to music by Antonio Tozzi.Two years later, L'isola della fortuna ("The Island of Fortune"), based on Bertati's libretto and Andrea Luchesi's music, was performed in Vienna. By pointing to the heritage of these characters, Pynkoski is able more clearly to demonstrate the audacity with which da Ponte, and his sources going back to Tirso de Molina (1579-1648), has altered them. © 2019 Bruce Zinger. The two bass-baritones not only have a great rapport but are also a fine vocal pair since while Williams’s voice is warmer, Hegedus’ is more forceful. Gustav Andreassen with his sepulchral bass is suitably frightening as the Statue of the Commendatore. John Donne was born on 22 January 1573 in London. Once you step inside you'll find all the sights and aromas of a delicious goodie smorgasbord! His father, also named John Donne, was a warden of the Ironmongers Company and a practicing Roman Catholic at a time, when adherence to the religion was a punishable offence. Under conductor David Fallis, Tafelmusik Baroque Orchestra gives a crisp account of the score with most tempi taking faster than usual. Don Giovanni passa la vita a sedurre donne. Everything at the Bakery is always fresh and made to order. When Leporello advises his master to give up women, he says, “Lasciar le donne! Oscars Best Picture Winners Best Picture Winners Golden Globes Emmys STARmeter Awards San Diego Comic-Con New York Comic-Con Sundance Film Festival Toronto Int'l Film Festival Awards Central Festival Central All Events All rights reserved. Though authors treating the Don Juan figure consistently find his actions abhorrent (Molière in his Dom Juan of 1665 treats him as yet another of his repellant monomaniacs), toward the end of the 18th century authors begin to see in Don Juan as in Faust a rebellion against conventional morality and God’s law that is a type of amoral heroism. During the banquet scene Pynkoski does not use an on-stage band as is usual but has Leporello dispute directly with David Fallis, the actual conductor of the orchestra. Pynkoski has the Don dangle a bagful of money in front of her so that any submission that Zerlina shows him can be viewed not as Zerlina’s falling for the Don’s charm but as an example of her own wiliness in setting her marriage with Masetto on a firmer financial foundation. Don Giovanni's is more than just a traditional Bakery. Meghan Lindsay sang Donna Anna in 2011 and does so again, but as with Huhtanen the passage of time has only increased the breadth and especially the power of her soprano. So convincing is Pynkoski’s presentation of the opera in this way, with such close attention to da Ponte’s libretto and clues in Mozart’s music, that other interpretations that try to view the opera as a grand tragedy or a grotesque satire simply seem wrong-headed at best. A modern point of view would see nothing more in the Don but a serial rapist with a sex addiction and might wonder why anyone would want to celebrate such a figure. It is clear that Don Giovanni is no longer in control of his behaviour so that, paradoxically, he seems most human and most heroic, when he refuses to repent and willingly accepts damnation as payment for his crimes. He and Williams are ideally paired since, for a change, the two are so similar in height that the Don’s and Leporello’s exchange of clothing to deceive others is completely believable. Don Giovanni: Lasciar le donne? The Pantalone is not merely ridiculed but killed in Act 1 only to return as a demonic figure in Act 2 seeking revenge. Coraggioso, audace e incosciente, non rispetta nessuna legge umana o divina. Giovanni Percolla vive a Catania circondato dalle premurose cure delle sue tre sorelle. He says he is in love with all women. It may be difficult to see the action on stage, but at least the music sounds glorious, with Vienna State Opera presenting a Don Giovanni blessed with uniformly strong vocals and the finest orchestral playing. For each major change of scene dancers tug at (non-functioning) ribbons as if manually raising and lowering scenic elements of Gerard Gauci’s painterly set. Don Giovanni History . The Arlecchino figure remains remarkably the same except that instead of merely carrying out his master’s orders in hope of pay or food, this Arlecchino, though he claims to abhor his master’s way of life, also seems vicariously to enjoy his audacity. The reason why Don Giovanni has been so celebrated goes beyond his seducing thousands of women as dutifully listed in Leporello’s famous “Catalogue Aria” ("Madamina, il catalogo è questo"). Unlike the traditional Scaramouche who brags about conquests he has not made, Don Giovanni boasts of the many he has. In 2011 she sang Zerlina. Two main reasons: my (humble) vision of Mozart's work and the cast. E v’han donne d’ogni grado, D’ogni forma, d’ogni età. In the garden scenes when characters must hide behind a bush they pick up the flat bush-like set element that has the act and scene number painted on its stand. All of this informs Pynkoski’s vision of Don Giovanni and is what makes his interpretation the fullest and most profound you are ever likely to see. Don Giovanni Awards and Nominations. Yet, of the any Don Giovannis I’ve experienced, the present cast may be the very best I’ve ever seen. At the same time, as is especially evident in Molière’s version, we meet Don Juan when his luck in escaping justice has just run out. ️ Che questo giorno porti pace e serenità a tutti voi‼️ Ricordiamo a tutti che oggi saremo aperti sia a pranzo che a cena Tel.0818714970 Cell.3512662377. DON GIOVANNI Gli dà del denaro Quattro doppie. In pursuing the Don with such overwhelming zeal, Huhtanen shows Donna Anna to be as obsessive and narcissistic as the Don himself. DON GIOVANNI Manco male, è partita. In italiano e in spagnolo il termine dongiovanni è usato oggi come sinonimo di donnaiolo, sciupafemmine, con la stessa accezione del termine Casanova. Thus, I could never give a real low rate to this disc; however, I cannot bring myself to truly love Jacobs' reading of Don Giovanni. The fervour of Ainsworth’s lovely account “Dalla sua pace la mia dipende” dispels any notion of Ottavio’s equivocation. ZERLINA Sì, signore, e la sposa. Williams has fully embraced OA’s form of stylized acting and made it his own. LEPORELLO Oh, sentite: per questa volta la cerimonia accetto; ma non vi ci avvezzate; non credete di sedurre i miei pari, prendendo la borsa come le donne, a forza di danari. Don Giovanni will be presented to media on 11 July 2012 in Baden-Baden the presence of Yannick Nezet-Seguin and other members of the cast tbc to tie in with the performances/recording of Cosí fan tutte with Rolando Villazon as Ferrando, A fantastic opportunity to bring your core classical press. Pazzo! This means that the brass all grouped together at one end sound as impressive as usual and that Charlotte Nediger gracefully accompanying the recitatives on the fortepiano sounds especially crisp. At the gathering Zerlina begs forgiveness from Masetto, before being relentlessly pursued (again) by Don Giovanni’s charms. Christian Dietrich Grabbe’s 1829 play Don Juan und Faust.). As Leporello, Hegedus is the spriest, most agile member of the cast with a real flair for physical comedy. As a serial rapist and murderer, he consciously lives in opposition to all moral codes, uses his status as a nobleman to justify his superiority to others and, worst of all, refuses ever to repent, even though, as a Catholic, repentance even at the very last moment would save him from damnation. Note: This review is a Stage Door exclusive. Pazzo! Don Giovanni: Madamina, il catalogo è questo! As is always the case with OA the mingling of dancers and singers creates huge benefits in creating a stage picture that is as visually as it is aurally lively. Don Giovanni: ”Lasciar le donne! Don Giovanni: Leave the women alone? Avventura favolosa di un viaggiatore entusiasta, Il convitato di pietra ossia Il dissoluto, Don Giovanni o sia Il convitato di pietra, Don Garcia di Navarra o il principe geloso, https://it.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Don_Giovanni&oldid=119554280, Voci non biografiche con codici di controllo di autorità, licenza Creative Commons Attribuzione-Condividi allo stesso modo, 2009 - Processo a Don Giovanni, accusato di omicidio e tentato stupro nell'opera di L. Da Ponte e W. A. Mozart, "Autentico Falso d'Autore" di Vittorio Caratozzolo, Napoli, Guida, 2009. Schreier as Octavio is impressive in his two arias and in his scenes with Donna Anna. Nó được trình diễn lần đầu tiên ở Praha vào ngày 29 tháng 10 năm 1787.Viết theo tiếng Ý, tên "Don Giovanni" có thể được phiên âm là "Đông Gioăng".. … DON GIOVANNI Non parliam più di ciò! Nedavna iskušenja i emocionalni napor su, očekivano ili ne, uzrokovali krizu u vezi Donne Anne i Don Ottavija. Nevertheless, when the Don finally confronts the Statue of the Commendatore and willingly take his hand in full knowledge of the consequences, Williams’s voice takes on a decidedly heroic ring as if this encounter with his ultimate fate brings out the last remnants of humanity and bravery within him. Comparso per la prima volta nel 1632 nella commedia di Tirso de Molina L'ingannatore di Siviglia e il convitato di pietra (titolo originale El Burlador de Sevilla y convidado de piedra), è stato poi ripreso da Molière nel 1665 con la tragicommedia Don Giovanni o Il convitato di pietra alla quale si è ispirato il coreografo Gasparo Angiolini per realizzare nel 1761 il balletto pantomimo Don Juan ou Le festin de pierre, in collaborazione con Christoph Willibald Gluck per la musica e Ranieri de' Calzabigi per il libretto. I love Don Giovanni so much that I would love it even sung by a parish choir. L'elenco di quelle da lui conquistate nel girare il mondo è conservato da Leporello sul suo catalogo: in Italia 640, in Alemagna 231, in Francia 100, in Turchia 91 e in Spagna 1003. Questa pagina è stata modificata per l'ultima volta il 27 mar 2021 alle 23:20. Coraggioso, audace e incosciente, non rispetta nessuna legge umana o divina. Molière: Dom Juan ou le festin de pierre (pdf gratuito) Carlo Goldoni: Don Giovanni (pdf gratuito) With his warm baritone Olivier Laquerre does very well at playing Masetto as perhaps the dimmest and least calculating of the opera’s characters. Photo: Meghan Lindsay as Donna Anna, Colin Ainsworth as Don Ottavio, Stephen Hegedus as Leporello, Olivier Laquerre as Masetto, Carla Huhtanen as Donna Elvira, Douglas Williams as Don Giovanni and Mireille Asselin as Zerlina; Meghan Lindsay as Donna Anna and Douglas Williams as Don Giovanni; Douglas Williams as Don Giovanni, Carla Huhtanen as Donna Elvira, Colin Ainsworth as Don Ottavio and Meghan Lindsay as Donna Anna; and the cast of Don Giovanni. The action begins with two dancers holding up signs announcing the title. Nella bionda egli ha l’usanza. For his part, Colin Ainsworth, who has begun essaying roles from the Romantic repertoire, does not play Anna’s beloved Don Ottavio as a milquetoast in comparison with Don Giovanni. If you wish to see the best Don Giovanni you may ever see, this it is it. Hegedus has played so many aged, wise nobles for OA in the past, we have unfairly begun to identify the singer with his roles. Leporello: Don Giovanni tells Leporello to invite everyone to a party on his estate. Don Giovanni Tenorio è un libertino che passa il tempo a sedurre donne e a doversi poi scontrare con i rispettivi uomini. Yet, while this Donna Elvira may be as “pazza” as Leporello and Don Giovanni say she is, the deep feeling Huhtanen brings to Elvira’s arias such as “Ah, chi mi dice mai”, reveals the humanity she she has lost in her hopeless quest. You're mad! Opera Atelier is currently reviving its production of Mozart’s Don Giovanni that it premiered in 2011. You know they are more necessary to me than the bread I eat or the air I breathe!”).