can i give my dog human tramadol? i need to know asap and how many mg for a 80lb german shepherd. Addicts tend to use tramadol recreationally, often buying it through illegal channels as it is a prescription drug. They may start as a result of a damaged vertebrae in the spine, as in the case of a slipped disk. This drug is commonly available in 50mg, 100mg, 150mg, and 300mg tablets. It is most commonly used to treat pain associated with surgery, osteoarthritis, and cancer, but your vet might prescribe it for other types of pain, too. The opioid and non-opioid metabolites produce very effective pain relief in human … Tramadol and Gabapentin are very different drugs and work in different ways, in my experience these drugs can be used together if necessary. If he's sore, I'd do a baby aspirin if a vet visit is not possible. This means that the vet can only prescribe it if other licensed drugs aren’t effective or would worsen the dog’s health, and so tramadol is the safest option. Tramadol For Dogs. can i give my dog human tramadol? For example, a pet can have an inflammatory condition and take prednisone for this condition—the same medication humans can get with a physician’s prescription. Answer (1 of 12): Tramadol is centrally acting narcotic analgesic which is used to treat moderate to sever pain. However, medications produced for livestock and intended to be mixed with feed may not undergo the same level of manufacturing scrutiny by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as human drugs do. ... Trazodone for humans is an antidepressant. RE: Is Tramadol HCL for dogs the same for humans? Vets can prescribe Trazodone for dogs (and sometimes cats), but this drug is only FDA approved for humans. 99990297. Muscle spasms can come about for a wide variety of reasons. Thank you for your question tonight, and it has a very simple answer--Yes, the drug Tramadol used in dogs is actually the human drug Tramadol (also called Ultram).In fact, it is only approved for human use, and is used "off-label" in veterinary medicine since it is not actually labeled for use in dogs. There is no easy way out by replacing one pill with another, it just continues your addiction. However, an overdose of Tramadol can put your dog in severe health conditions such as shallow breathing, coma, tremors and difficulty breathing, and death from suffocation. Tramadol also has not been approved for use in dogs, only humans. Tramadol, besides being used to treat pain in humans, can also be used to treat pain in dogs, cats, and other mammals. In dogs, its dose is not established yet. Top Answer. This Site Might Help You. My dog was prescribed this and since she can't tolerate a lot of meds I am trying to look it up but all I am finding is Tramadol for humans and it says it hasn't been approved for dogs by the FDA. That to … Their dogs weren’t reacting well to the medications… and they were still in considerable pain. Just from a personal and not professional aspect, I can tell you that I take Tramadol every day and have no negative side effects from it. As this can increase the risk of serotonin syndrome as well. For post-operative pain relief for example a dose rate of 1 mg per pound of your dog's bodyweight given each 12 hours is often used. Physicians also frequently prescribe tramadol for human aches and pains, and it is one of the few human painkillers that is safe to give to dogs under the guidance of a veterinarian. With Subutex I think you are suppose to slowly reduce the amount you take until you can stop. Same Active Ingredient and Strength. Tramadol for dogs is used most frequently on those who have recently had surgery, or who are suffering from moderate to severe pain. In 2014, Kentucky police said a dog owner cut her dog with razor blades just so she could take the dog’s pain medication. Many drugs like Tramadol used in dogs in the U.S have not been formally approved by the Food and Drug Administration, (FDA) for use in certain animals. Your vet can determine the proper dosage for your dog. So while you can give tramadol for dog pain, does it actually work and is tramadol safe for dogs? 3. 4 A large amount of indirect evidence, and a few direct clinical studies, also are available to assess the question of whether tramadol is an effective analgesic in dogs and cats. Before giving the drug to your furry friend, first, seek vet advice. Trazodone for dogs can be helpful in situations that cause anxiety or if your dog suffers from anxiety generally. The active ingredient in both Metacam oral suspension and the human version is meloxicam at 1.5 mg per ml. Veterinarians choose to prescribe it for both acute and chronic conditions, meaning dogs can take it both short and long term. However, Mobic contains at least one inactive ingredient (xylitol) that can be fatally toxic to dogs. Tramadol is given two to three times daily. It can be given as tablets to be ingested, or applied intravenously be a veterinarian. NO Tramadol, don't do it even once. Domestic Dogs. Tramadol and Gabapentin usually require an increased dose over time because the body gets used to it. The usual range is .5 - 1.8mg per pound. However, if tramadol is used consistently to manage chronic pain -- especially pain that grows more severe due to a progressive illness -- your dog may begin to tolerate it. Pills destined for animal use may also contain specific additives. Also, tell your vet about any other medications your dog may be taking, including over-the-counter drugs, supplements, and herbal or holistic treatments, as these can interact poorly with tramadol. Tramadol is split in the body not only to an opiate but also to non-opioid psychoactive pain reliever. 2. Tramadol is now a Schedule IV drug due to the conclusion of the Drug Enforcement Administration that it does have significant potential for dependence and abuse. Tramadol is a human medication, and not recognized by the FDA for use in dogs. Mostly, the medicine your dog takes is similar to the medicines you take, but with slight alterations in chemical structure that make it safe for a dog’s liver to digest. Prozac and any other anti-anxiety will have withdrawal symptoms if given over a period of time. The bottom line is, never, EVER give human medicines to your pet unless one of our vets has specifically advised you to – and then only use the exact dose recommended. Tramadol is one of the few painkillers where the medication given to dogs, and according to Dog Time, is precisely the same chemical composition as the medication given to humans. ... Care should also be taken when given along with MAO inhibitors and tramadol. FDA has not approved this drug for animal use but vet can prescribe whenever needed. Tramadol is a powerful, synthetic opioid painkiller that can be used for treating mild to moderate pain alone, and severe pain in conjunction with other medications. Can a dog take clavamox, tramadol, metronidazole and rimadyl together? Effect in Humans. The safe dose of Tramadol can not kill your dog. NSAIDS, Rimadyl (Carprofen) included, inhibit something know as COX-2, or cyclooxygenase, an … See Answer. Can dog take human tramadol? If your dog suffers from routine muscle spasms for one reason or another, Robaxin is one of the best ways to help address and treat these problems. If addiction is your worry, relax. And an 80 lb Lab who can’t get up and walk is a problem. If this is a human prescription for Tramadol, I would not give it to a dog without a lot more input from a vet. As an opioid, tramadol increases the dopamine concentrations of the body, resulting in a euphoric state for consumers. Sometimes giving medications to dogs can be complicated and difficult. Why Vets Choose Tramadol for Dogs. Using Tramadol for Dogs. Please do not ever take your pet off of these medications cold-turkey. They were being given gabapentin and Tramadol instead of non-steroidal anti-inflammatories (NSAIDs). While the current commercial version of Rimadyl is for use in animals, especially dogs, Rimadyl was used in humans from 1988 to approximately 1998. Seizures have been reported both in animals and humans taking tramadol. While the dosage amounts vary from dog to dog, the tramadol dosage for dogs can be put into effect by using the dog’s weight as the determinant. Asked by Wiki User. Tramadol is most effective for mild to moderate pain, but can be used for severe pain in dogs as well. NSAIDs can wreak havoc on the stomach and liver over long term use. It might be used for short term pain relief after surgery or is could be used long term to treat something like arthritis. 1; can i give my dog human tramadol? Many of the owners were calling me. The human form and the dog form are just the same. Our older Dobe takes it occasionally for his aches and pains. Unless he has opposable thumbs, he will have a … Since both dogs and humans can take tramadol, there is an enormous tendency for addicts to abuse it. If you think your dog or cat may have had access to medication, call us anytime day or night so we can take care of them – don’t wait for symptoms to begin! Humans take the anti-inflammatory drug meloxicam in pill form, while dogs consume it as a liquid slathered over their dinners. Also, after sustaining a Hills-Sac fracture to his tibia, my dog (whom i love like a child and would do anything to protect) was given both tramadol and Mobic for pain and he had no negative responses from either drug. Hence no separate formulation is available for animal use, so, same Tramadol prescribed for your dog can be used in humans. DO NOT take Tramadol as the withdrawal is very bad when you try to stop even after using it for a short time. Keating said the practice of prescribing oral tramadol for outpatient analgesia in dogs may have originally started due to the drug’s low cost. That, combined with data demonstrating analgesic efficacy with fewer side effects compared with other oral opioids in human … General Dog Discussions. Tramadol is a prescription only pain killer for dogs. It can … Tramadol can be used for pain relief in both dogs and cats. Yes there are no drug interactions listed between these drugs. Wiki User Answered 2012-11-16 17:55:35. id ask a professional instead of people on this site. Dogs can take Tramadol. Tramadol is a pain killer that is sometimes used in dogs.