Either way, it's a solid choice for a guy, young or old, and can be worn leisurely as if just thrown on while heading out the door, or more formally, as if deliberately matching a tux. To me this beats all other barbershop scents, by a little. This is the perfect scent for a summer/spring day! Approfitta delle migliore offerte e pacchetti crociera per i Caraibi e le Bahamas. It may be the ambergris that gives it a very faint almost cigarette smoke feel. An exquisite skin scent. Royal Water by Creed is a Citrus Aromatic fragrance for women and men.Royal Water was launched in 1997. Unfortunately, after such a crisp and invigorating opening of citrus and herbs (mainly juniper and basil), this gets really soapy on my skin. It's a tiny bit spicy or frizzy too, I think. One thing I will admit is, the quality is top notch! It has a very sharp and bitter headspace that i'm desperately trying to fall in love with, but just can't. I can smell amber and musk and woody notes. I think they need to differentiate between the two bottles sold under this name. The freshness of the citruses, juniper, basil and mint are so clean but then there are incredibly surprising facets of smokiness. I can see someone wearing this at a hight society party and waking in a garden full of sophisticated people. It's a cosy fall and winter type of scent. Explore - features, specifications, colours, reviews, images and more about Himalayan. This is maybe my favorite fragrance of all time. I just had a daughter so this would be a great scent for her to know me by. Creed's coveted ambergris base is also in full force here, blended into a comfortable, musky foundation which may in fact be the best part of Royal Water. It's not what you notice at first, but it provides the perfect masculine base for the other notes to play-out on. Smells almost identical to Clive Christian's 1872 for men. Have to write this review because this scent is on my arms now and is shooting beautiful refreshing minty green wow wow wow arrows straight to my heart. This is a sleeper fragrance you wont smell on everyone. Wearing it the next day, it morphed into a soggy washed out mess on my skin in the first 30 minutes. It was perfect for me at the time, as I was into fresh citrus scents 10 years ago. Creed Royal Water Eau de Parfum Unis... (202.00 EUR), Right now there are 19 items on or Buy it online 57 items on, Perfume rating The … Before I state this review, let me point out that i am someone who favors ( of the Creed Line ) Green Irish Tweed as one of the best so far. It looks and acts like a Creed. Compliment getter for sure. During the most difficult times for the people of the United Kingdom (and around the world), the Queen's addresses to the public have been a source of both comfort and inspiration and this year's Christmas speech, coming amid the coronavirus pandemic, is expected to be on for the history books, according to royal experts. Don't laugh too hard when you read this. Certainly it has been hard to find them in major department stores. I'd love this on a man. The fragrance has this traditional aspect of a "cologne" smell. ... Charles frets that his kilts may soon be a memory, and Beatrice and Eugenie put the moves on Justin Trudeau. Vat Number: 01577350240. But come November 15, 2020, you can expect a few edits to the royal … In brief Royal Water starts off with bright citruses and herbs, then becomes spicier and 1 hour in you have a creamy musky base. Fresh dignity and elegance. G.SKILL Updates Trident Z Neo DDR4 Specs Up To DDR4-4000 CL16 16GBx2 for AMD Ryzen 5000 CPUs (5 November 2020) – G.SKILL International Enterprise Co., Ltd., the world’s leading manufacturer of extreme performance memory and gaming peripherals, is announcing new DDR4 memory specifications under the Trident Z Neo series, optimized for the new AMD Ryzen 5000 processors. The application is pretty intense, a blast of citrus and basil, a bit overwhelming to the olfactory. Ideal for increased comfort on every type of bicycle. Theres also a fresh sweat note.. Overall, I like it, and think it should give Lorenzo Villoresi Uomo and Chanel Pour Monsieur a run for their money over the next few months. Spring/summer for mature men 40 and up IMO. But for wearability, this would be 1st. But stronger and with more body. The mint and basil are next; the mint is cooling green, and slightly spicy; the basil is herbal, spicy, and green. Royal Water was launched in 1997. I read somewhere that this was commissioned for Princess Diana. Nice smell, doesn't bother anybody around. I'm tempted to use the adjectives, "disgusting" or "repulsive." The Citrus, that Basil and that fresh summer soapy scent is what makes this a masterpiece, it's one everyone should try, makes a great summer or spring cologne or perfume. This doesn't make me feel royal like Kate Middleton, more like Queen Mary the grandmother of Queen Elizabeth II lol it's like stepping back in time to London in the 1900s. On me it leans more masculine but women could definitely wear it easily. The opening is very fresh, sour, sharp, bright, summery, pleasant but not the most unique. Could definitely get cloying if you sprayed too much. This is such an exquisite fresh fragrance for early Fall weather. ambergris is strong in this one towards the end, as it is in MI. Very nice smooth citrus opening. It's a nice fragrance and it does feel very fresh.. perfect for when you've just got out of the shower. :-). "Trying to raise morale and encourage people to get through it and evoke a bit of war-time spirit. Kayleigh Roberts is the weekend editor at Marie Claire, covering celebrity and entertainment news, from actual royals like Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle to Hollywood royalty, like Katie Holmes and Chrissy Teigen. Se hai già effettuato un acquisto e stai aspettando la tua consegna o hai qualsiasi … Ci dispiace, ma il sito non è operativo e non siamo in grado di accettare nuovi ordini. Musk and Juniper berries are quite elegant and modern but unfortunately to me the drydown is a bit too soapy and almost floral, which makes it too feminine. Royal Water goes on fresh and clean with an obvious juniper zing ever present. A beautiful fragrance designed in memory of HRH Princess Diana of Wales in 1996. Creed Royal Water is a traditional cologne. It is claimed that the famous chef "Gordon Ramsay" wears creed (he will not say which one though) & if he was near me, I would know which one he wears, but my guess it that it is "Royal Water"!! Once the fragrance settles, you can start to smell some kind of musk emitting. Once I finish my decant that'll be the end of Royal Water for me. Beautiful juniper berry fragrance with water and lemon. Just a beautiful fragrance to be worn on a crisp bright warm autumn day. but it could perhaps evoke one? I bought a 2.5oz of Royal Water for, relative to Creed's retail prices, dirt cheap. Longevity is to be determined. Today I like amber scents and I can defenitely smell the amber in this. Royal il Kit Calcio dei campioni. Although its nice, its too feminine for my taste. Try this at the mall, smell heavy in ginger, in a good quality way. Very safe. Even though 2020 has been an objectively bad, tough year in a lot of ways (okay, let's be honest, in most ways), there have also been bright spots. I don’t smoke cigarettes but I find the smell of one lit outside incredibly appealing. I'm surprised there's not some ridiculous 'ye olde' Creed tale to go with this perfume (maybe there is?) Performance is something I'm not happy about seeing as I only average around an hour or 2 of projection and 4-5 of longevity. Thank you my friend Lucia in London. On a computer that is running Windows 7, the usable memory (RAM) may be less than the installed memory. I bought it for that reason, as well, looking for a sophisticated summer scent. Materassi Italiani Royal Memory, dal 1978 on Facebook Watch It has a fruit punch, candied fruit smell that reminds me of urinal cakes or popsicles. It is fresh and invigorating like the scent details stated. It has a high-top cut, Nike Air branding and colors that splice genes from early Jordan DNA: the 1985 "Chicago" blocking with a new Royal twist. Not my favorite from Creed, but definitely pretty good. I was so much surprised that I ordered a full 4oz bottle. MI makes for an excellent spring scent here down south, but it becomes cloying and unsettled in the summer. Because I visit the boutique so frequently, the friendly sales woman precisely knows my preferences for exclusive scents that Creed offers. Just a smell for everyday use. So-so for me. The ambergris at the bottom is a signature of many well made Creed fragrances. Simon Templar (Do you know who is he?) Royal Water is quintessentially a cologne. Very powerful fresh smell of citruses and basil that can really share similarities with an air freshener. It's like a upgraded version of these eighty's successes, but oddly enough, this one is a ninety's fragrance, so...nothing to write home about here. would wear this frag. So I was laying down my review of bottega venetta aromatique and found myself drawing some comparison to royal water - now realizing I never left my mark on royal water, so what the hell. I really like this fragrance, it is a quality fresh simple scent and one of the best creed's fragrances. First off I would like to say I love the bottle - The newer clear one. Cruise to unforgettable destinations with Royal Caribbean. I actually right now currently own a bottle of this and too be honest, I have liked the previous ones that I have had and tried before then the one I currently have now. I have heard around that this was made in memory of Princess Diana (inspired by her, or as an homage to her "style"). The opening is unisex and smells like the oranges, limes, mandarins, bergamot and citric accords you find in most men's colognes. Not all that "royal" (read: rich or opulent), really; and not all that "watery" nor aquatic. Buy Now. The outfit I imagine that fits this fragrance is boyfriend jeans and a button up top;or a boda skins leather jacket with it.The first strong scent for the first spritz is a sharp citrus smell.Then it turns into a basil and citrus scent.The perfume lasted about 3 hours on me but sits very close to the skin.It's a like but not a love.I don't feel it's worth the price though but it does smell nice.Definitely a unisex fragrance as well. to try late evening. Oh well, looks like my search will continue for that perfect bottle. I'm usually not one to yell about reformulations, but the clear bottle version I own seems to have far different notes from what's listed. An underrated Creed fragrance. I imagine walking through an olde English garden, with the warm sun perfusing the summer air with herbal notes.